A Bit Of Information

This biography below is based on the one used at the time the band was active, as well as being the current one on Last.fm.

Radio Berlin was a four piece band from Vancouver, BC, Canada. Formed in 1998, the band released numerous, well-received albums. With a sound best described as rhythmic postpunk/new wave with early ‘goth’ stylings, Radio Berlin’s garnered many welcome comparisons to bands like Pornography-era Cure, Joy Division, Wire, Josef K, and Siouxsie and the Banshees, only backed by the rhythm section one would expect from a band like Clikatat Ikatowi. Having played and toured with other artists such as of The Locust, I Am Spoonbender, Hot Hot Heat, The Faint, Vue, Steve Shelley (Sonic Youth), Trans Am, Turn Pale, Add N To X, Chromatics, Interpol, Ted Leo, The Organ and Camera Obscura (not the Scottish band), Radio Berlin rocked out with a hypnotic live show.

After releasing limited and rare cassette of seven tracks in 1998, Radio Berlin then released the LP/CD “Sibling” in 1999, as well as the “1999” 7” and a split 7” with Kid Commando. After that came their second full length record “The Selection Drone”, recorded at The Hive by Colin Stewart (Pretty Girls Make Graves, Black Mountain), was released September 2001. The record received some amazing reviews from the music press and made it at as “best album of the year” in several North American music publications. Radio Berlin toured the album in the fall of 2001. Their most well-received record, “Glass”, was released in September 2003 on the US label Action Driver in a high-quality LP/CD format. Action Driver also picked up the band’s previous albums to the catalog as those labels dissolved.

The remix record “Sister Sounds” was released on Vancouver’s Global Symphonic (Frog Eyes, The Organ, etc.) label in 2004 containing remixes by the band themselves, as well as contributions from Hot Hot Heat, P:ano, Beautiful Skin, and The Red Light Sting.

Radio Berlin toured North America numerous times, most extensively in 2003-2004. After this period of touring the band started to dissolve due to a number of circumstances, including the fact that the musical direction of the members involved was starting to go in different directions. Radio Berlin’s official dissolve was in the summer 2005.

The personnel was:

Jack Duckworth | electric guitar, synthesizer, vocals (1998-2005)
Chris Frey | bass guitar, vocals (1998-2005)
Warren Hill | synthesizers (1998-2002)
Lyndsay Sung | synthesizers (2002-2005)
Brad MacKinnon | drums (2003-2005)
Joshua Wells | drums, synthesizers, programming (1998-2003)

Here’s some current or post-Radio Berlin projects of various members, music or otherwise:

Jack Duckworth | Soft Riot, Flustervision, Savage Furs (X), Winning (X), Primes (X)
Chris Frey | Vanilla Bats, The Deep (X), Dysnea Boys (X)
Warren Hill | Mississipi/Little Axe Records
Lyndsay Sung | K Car, Coco Cake
Joshua Wells | Black Mountain (X), Destroyer, Spun Out, Autogramm, Lightning Dust, Sur Une Plage (X)

(X) denotes no longer active or no longer a member of. Current as of September 2023.